Stephen Goodson is a working guitarist in many local, regional and national acts. Although having studied Jazz Guitar at the University of North Texas, Stephen is well-versed in a variety of playing styles and is a top call player in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He currently plays lead guitar for "Caroline Jade," "Salvation From Sundown, "BJ Stricker and the Kings," and "Corina Grove."  Described as a “blistering guitar player” by, Stephen is a skilled multi-instrumentalist who is as happy touring with other bands as he is producing records.  The new synth-pop band "Ruff Wizard" recently enlisted Stephen as its drummer and will be releasing its second EP in the Fall of 2020.  His studio, East Dallas Overdub produces many singles and albums for local artists seeking live instrument production in a one-stop shop.  

Please call/text 214-354-2417 or email: for any booking inquires.

This Musical Life (Blog) :

Do we know what Talent is?

Talent - it’s a word I hear bandied about more often that I’d prefer.  Having played music for 26 years, 15 of those professionally, I have had my fair share of accolades in the form of, ”my gosh, you’re so…

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Finally, a Free Lunch!

Dear Friends, Family, and Acquaintances, 

    I hope the interval between the times we’ve spent together will shrink in the coming years, because I miss you guys. All of you.  The reason for this letter is to familiarize you with…

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How To Avoid Becoming A Copy/Paste Musician

    Copy/Paste musicians are those who learn a musical phrase by imitation (copy),  and regurgitate it at an appropriate moment (paste) whenever they see (or in this case, hear) fit.  This issue is not exclusive to the jazz musician flexing his…

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Pre-Production for "Untitled 2015 Album"

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of narrowing down my song selection for what will soon by first full-length album.   Jeff Saenz, operator of Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas, TX was introduced to me through Beau Patrick Bedford…Read more

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