Pre-Production for "Untitled 2015 Album"

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of narrowing down my song selection for what will soon by first full-length album.   Jeff Saenz, operator of Modern Electric Sound Recorders in Dallas, TX was introduced to me through Beau Patrick Bedford: co-operator and producer extraordinaire....  I have so much respect for these two gentlemen as they have the unique ability to distill ideas into their most musical and useful elements.... Why an album, you say? Isn't that a rather archaic notion that died in the  "'aughts"?

One of the reasons I am doing this record is: I have too many ideas on the shelf and need to purge them from my "unfinished" stack.   Another reason is that when involve good people in the recording process, great things happen, and THAT is what I love about music.   I am just trying to shake things up in my own world, and by doing so I am hoping it will inspire others to do the same...