Finally, a Free Lunch!

Dear Friends, Family, and Acquaintances, 

    I hope the interval between the times we’ve spent together will shrink in the coming years, because I miss you guys. All of you.  The reason for this letter is to familiarize you with why my absences at Sunday lunches, birthdays, anniversaries, sporting events, confirmations, school plays, dinner parties etc., are entirely justified. 

      Simply stated, I love my work, which translates into: I prioritize my work.  My work as a professional musician entails what some refer to as “off-peak” hours.  Please allow me to explain: My work-week begins on Saturday, and ends on Wednesday, leaving “off” Thursday and Friday.  I typically get up around 11am and get to work around noon or 1pm.  I leave work at 9pm,  I do not “get off” or “have to stay until….”  I have a 10 minute drive (not "commute") to work on neighborhood streets, and I never to go faster than 35 miles an hour or enter a highway.  I am paid well enough to keep up with all my bills and have enough left over for whatever goods/services I deem necessary.  I make way less money then you do, but I am the richest guy I know.  I am unmarried, but not single.   

    Saturdays, Sundays, and weekdays between 4pm-8pm are my busiest times, so if your event or gathering falls during any of those days or times, there is a 99.9% chance I will not be in attendance.  Also, my “off” days are typically pressed into the service of ongoing musical projects, as I run a bourgeoning studio (   

    So here’s what I propose.  I am going to bring all of you people lunch.  That’s right.  This a real offer.  Limited to 2016 only:  If you leave your place of business/address in the comments section, I will bring you lunch on a Thursday or Friday of your choice in 2016….I repeat: I will bring you lunch to your place of business/work/play/school on Thursday or Friday in the year 2016 if you tell me when and where!  I can only hope this can make up for a small fraction of my absence in your lives.  

Your friend, son, brother, step-brother, cousin, grandson, nephew, 

Stephen Goodson

P.S.- Leave your comments/requests below, and please indicate if you have any dietary restrictions etc....