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Do we know what Talent is?

Talent - it’s a word I hear bandied about more often that I’d prefer.  Having played music for 26 years, 15 of those professionally, I have had my fair share of accolades in the form of, ”my gosh, you’re so…

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Finally, a Free Lunch!

Dear Friends, Family, and Acquaintances, 

    I hope the interval between the times we’ve spent together will shrink in the coming years, because I miss you guys. All of you.  The reason for this letter is to familiarize you with…

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How To Avoid Becoming A Copy/Paste Musician

    Copy/Paste musicians are those who learn a musical phrase by imitation (copy),  and regurgitate it at an appropriate moment (paste) whenever they see (or in this case, hear) fit.  This issue is not exclusive to the jazz musician flexing his…

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